We’re a father-daughter duo…

…that enjoys spending a great deal of time outdoors hiking with our dogs and gardening at our home in Upstate, NY. Unfortunately, multiple members of our family and friends have been stricken with Lyme disease over the years, and we know what it means to struggle with the lifelong side effects of tick-borne diseases. Despite the impact the disease has had, our enthusiasm for nature has never wavered.

Our Mission

At TiCK MiTT, our commitment goes beyond providing innovative solutions for tick removal. We are deeply dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the cases of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases that affect countless lives. In pursuit of this mission, we have board and junior board seats at Project Lyme.

Additionally, we proudly partner with several organizations to raise funds and distribute TiCK MiTTs to individuals battling tick-borne diseases, helping them protect themselves and their families from further tick encounters. Furthermore, we sponsor Lyme disease conferences to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration within the community. Having witnessed the impact of tick-borne diseases on our own family and friends, we intimately understand the importance of educating others on this critical issue.


Tick Protection Developed with Intention

At TiCK MiTT, we believe in integrity in the way we do business, the way we develop our products, and the way they are delivered to you. We’ve taken the time and care to ensure TiCK MiTT is safe, effective and affordable for your entire family especially your beloved pets.

How it Works

We began by collaborating closely with a renowned tick expert and product engineer, with the goal of identifying a fabric that would mimic the precise qualities that ticks naturally adhere to, much like Velcro. After years of dedication and multiple prototypes, we perfected the scientifically-developed TiCK MiTT fabric. With TiCK MiTT you can trust in a product that has been carefully crafted and rigorously tested to provide you with a reliable and efficient tick removal solution for your outdoor adventures.

Become one with nature,
not with ticks.

Introduce TiCK MiTT into your tick-protection routine to help diminish your anxiety when spending time outdoors.