"The TiCK MiTT is an absolute necessity when spending any time outdoors. The mitt has brought me peace of mind and has let me fully enjoy my hikes and outdoor time again."

- Wendy Phillips, Founder & Executive Director at Lyme Treatment Foundation

"Being at the lake so much with our furry friends romping through the leaves and woods, this mitt is so handy to wipe everyone down before coming back into the house. Then we pop it into the dryer to kill any super tiny ticks just to be sure. There isn't a price on peace of mind but Tick-Mitt offers an affordable tool for enjoying the great outdoors again. Lyme disease isn't to be messed with and this is another line of defense! Bravo!"

- Ali from The Tick Chicks

"I love tick mitt! Utilizing the tick mitt makes me feel like I have an extra layer of protection after I come in from the outdoors. I wipe myself down with it and my jet black standard poodle where it’s very hard to see bugs and ticks."

- Alexandra Moresco, Board of Directors at Project Lyme


The perfect hiking essential

"We cannot say enough good things about our TiCK MiTT. Whenever ticks would crawl on us, I had no idea how to get them off safely and efficiently before they bite. Now we have the perfect solution. Our MiTT never leaves our hiking bag and gives us a piece of mind when we are out and about. Thank you TiCK MiTT for always keeping me and my dog safe during our travels."

- @Handsome.Zeus

Highly recommend!!

"I absolutely love my Tick Mitt! Have been using it on my family and dog and can’t believe how well it works. It’s so convenient, safe & easy to use. We take it everywhere with us. So happy this product exists and to not have the stress of being outdoors and worrying about whether ticks will attach or find their way indoors. I plan to purchase more as gifts for my family and friends. :)"

- Cheryl

We love our tick mitt! Arrived quickly and just in time for warmer weather walks.

"We got the pair and have already gotten to use them for both ourselves and our dog after walks in the trails. I think it’s a great gift for friends & family so will be ordering some more !"

- Celestina

I love my Tick Mitt and so does my dog Simba!

"I love my Tick Mitt and so does my dog Simba! Last year he spent a night in the hospital with a tick borne illness, and after that experience I wanted to make sure there was no chance of a repeat occasion. Tick Mitt has provided us that comfort and peace of mind, thankful for this product!"

- Sam

Loving my new tick mitt!

"Loving my new tick mitt! It is so lightweight so I can bring it with me wherever I go and I know it will keep me and my dog safe! Would recommend to all dog owners!"

- Erin

It works!

"My puppy wouldn’t stop licking his paws so I gave him a quick rub down with the Tick Mitt. Turns out he had two ticks stuck in his paw hair, and the Tick Mitt picked them up right away!"

- Jake B