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Spotting Ticks Faster: Olivia Abrams, Creator of TiCK MiTT, Shares Vital Tips

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Tick Boot Camp

TiCK MiTT: Steve & Olivia

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Best Bets for Pets

Tick Mitt - Tick Protection for People & Pets

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Huffington Post

29 Weird Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Give Your Love A Heart-On

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The Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide 2023

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Urban Milan

2023 Urban Milan Holiday Gift Guide: Pets

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Arkansas Democrat Gazette

TOOLS & TOYS: TiCK MiTT and Pocket Tripod Universal Kit

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Savoir Faire

TiCK MiTT Is A Revolutionary Approach To Tick Protection

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Blog Paws

BlogPaws Best Award Winners at Global Pet Expo 2024

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Pet Age May/June 2024

PEST PREVENTION: There are plenty of products that help battle fleas, ticks.

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