Tick Protection for People & Pets

prevent Lyme disease and keep your whole family safe

Enjoy the Outdoors, Worry-Free!

safe and effective tick removal for you and your loved ones

Ticks Don't Stand a Chance

ticks adhere to our non-toxic mitts like velcro

Reclaim the Outdoors

hikers, campers, gardeners - we've got you covered

Remove Multiple Ticks at Once

effective for both short and long haired dogs

For People

and For Pets

Alleviate the anxiety associated with tick-borne diseases, like Lyme disease, by introducing a new step into your tick-protection routine.

Safe & Chemical-Free

TiCK MiTT is a safe and chemical-free substitution or addition to your current tick protection products.

Portable & Easy to Use

Our portable and easy to use mitts will help stop ticks from entering your home.

Removes Multiple Ticks

The only product of its kind that safely and effectively removes multiple loose ticks at once!

How to use TiCK MiTT

Gently and thoroughly rub the TiCK MiTT on your body and clothes or your pet’s fur to remove ticks.


The TiCK MiTT is an absolute necessity when spending any time outdoors. The mitt has brought me peace of mind and has let me fully enjoy my hikes and outdoor time again.

Wendy Phillips
Founder & Executive Director at Lyme Treatment Foundation

Being at the lake so much with our furry friends romping through the leaves and woods, this mitt is so handy to wipe everyone down before coming back into the house. Then we pop it into the dryer to kill any super tiny ticks just to be sure. There isn't a price on peace of mind but Tick-Mitt offers an affordable tool for enjoying the great outdoors again. Lyme disease isn't to be messed with and this is another line of defense! Bravo!

from The Tick Chicks

I love tick mitt! Utilizing the tick mitt makes me feel like I have an extra layer of protection after I come in from the outdoors. I wipe myself down with it and my jet black standard poodle where it’s very hard to see bugs and ticks.

Alexandra Moresco
Board of Directors at Project Lyme