TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt
TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt
TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt
TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt
TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt

TiCK MiTT Single Gray Mitt

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Safely and effectively remove multiple ticks at once.

TiCK MiTT's scientifically engineered microfiber effortlessly removes ticks from clothing, skin, and pet's fur with ease. Its gentle, non-abrasive design ensures comfortable use on children, pets, and delicate materials. Chemical-free and always ready for action, TiCK MiTT offers instant tick removal anywhere, anytime. This user-friendly, grab-and-go solution is a low-tech, gentle, and reusable way to stay tick-free.

Set includes:
1 Single Grey Microfiber TiCK MiTT
1 Mesh Dryer Bag
1 Instruction Card

  For all outdoor enthusiasts
  For dog owners
  Safe and chemical-free
  Easy to use and portable
  One size fits all

Before you go outdoors

  • Remember to grab your TiCK MiTT.
  • Try to avoid areas where ticks may be located, like high-grass or wooded areas.
  • Wear pants, socks, and long-sleeved shirts to help protect your skin from tick exposure.

Before you come back indoors

  • Rub TiCK MiTT over your skin and clothes or your pet's fur.
  • For people: Thoroughly rub TiCK MiTT over your entire body, clothing, and gear as you visually check for any loose or embedded ticks. TiCK MiTT will not remove embedded ticks.
    For pets: Thoroughly rub TiCK MiTT through your pet’s fur slowly, paying close attention to their head, neck, and ears.
  • For people: After 15 minutes, repeat Step 2.
    For pets: After 15 minutes, repeat Step 2.
  • After use, place your TiCK MiTT in the mesh bag and store in resealable packaging until you place in dryer.
  • Place your mesh bag with your TiCK MiTT on high in the dryer for ten minutes to kill the ticks.
  • Dispose of ticks and TiCK MiTT is ready to use again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Diana Karthas
Tick Mitt

This Mitt really works! I've been using it with my dog everyday since I got it last week. The other day I saw a black dot on my dogs fur and when I wiped her down with the mitt it immediately picked up the tiny tic.

Ali from The Tick Chicks
Peace of Mind

Being at the lake so much with our furry friends romping through the leaves and woods, this mitt is so handy to wipe everyone down before coming back into the house. Then we pop it into the dryer to kill any super tiny ticks just to be sure. There isn't a price on peace of mind but Tick-Mitt offers an affordable tool for enjoying the great outdoors again. Lyme disease isn't to be messed with and this is another line of defense! Bravo!

Great product!

Product works great. It does what it says and is so convenient! We love it.

Sam Evans
I love my Tick Mitt and so does my dog Simba!

I love my Tick Mitt and so does my dog Simba! Last year he spent a night in the hospital with a tick borne illness, and after that experience I wanted to make sure there was no chance of a repeat occasion. Tick Mitt has provided us that comfort and peace of mind, thankful for this product!

Suzanne Magnuson

My dog really dislikes any type of grooming products. Prior to using the tick mitt I was hesitant at first to see if he would like it or not. Luckily due to how soft and not invasive the product is, he was totally okay with me using it on him!

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